To rescue unwanted abandoned abused & injured domestic rabbits & guinea pigs.

To rehabilitate them, to vaccinate them, to neuter all rabbits.

To find them a loving adoptive home & provide a supervised bonding process for companionship with another rabbit or guinea pig.

We never put to sleep a healthy animal and we adopt a non euthanasia policy.

To offer a Forever Retirement Home for older or debilitated rabbits and guinea pigs.

To enhance our local community by offering programs of animal therapy that benefit disabled persons, children and the elderly.

To increase community awareness of the over-population of unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs.

To provide advice, support & solutions to help prevent euthanasia of healthy unwanted rabbits & guinea pigs or those which have been acquired without a good understanding of the funding, time, commitment, housing, & husbandry needed by them for a happy, healthy & long life......

Lumpy Lodge is self-funding ……. Saving just one animal will not change the world…...but for that one animal their world may change forever
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